June Update

Posted by: julio on June 15, 2011

Dear friends,

Here is an update my wife  wrote to her family- I think it paints a good picture of where we are 2.5 months into our Costa Rica journey and I wanted you to read it. After all, you are our family too;-)

Thanks for staying connected to our lives and ministry here in Costa Rica.



Hi Family,

Two and a half months in and I feel like it has been one year!  The phrase we are trying to learn is “pace ourselves”.  However, in order to catch up, I think we need to work at this pace.  There was so much that needed to be done on top of the normal stuff that still needs to be done each week so we have been in overdrive and are a little weary but very encouraged.

Julio and I just took his parents to the airport.  They have been with us for the last month and I can definitely say that it was without a doubt a huge blessing.  Of course, Lucas and Liam had the best situation possible because they really got to know their Venezuelan “abuelos”.

As far as the church work, Julio is transforming before my very eyes!  He has always been a great thinker, leader and communicator but his current role has really stretched him.  He is communicating better than ever, he is leading his own team, he is developing relationships with big business guys, and he is pastoring people.  Julio just had a very intense week of meetings with some top-level leaders and I got to listen in on one of them and thought he did awesome.  The great thing is that most of these guys are experts at something but they are lacking in the spiritual guidance/knowledge that Julio brings to the table.

Of course, during this time, both of our weaknesses are also magnified and we feel super inadequate most of the time. But little by little we are feeling like we are swimming rather than sinking:)

In August, we are going to be doing our “soft” launch where we will have service two Sunday’s per month as opposed to the monthly events.  We are also going to be moving to a much better environment for the adults as well as the children.  We are learning that trying to do this kind of church in a predominantly Catholic country causes people to be wary of even considering going to the church we are trying to create.  But we are confident that as we get people to invest in their friends and invite them to church, they will find something they enjoy and that helps them by challenging them to move their minds and hearts toward God.

If you guys think about it, you could pray for us about a special event that we are doing on June 22. It is a Vision Night where we are basically going to be asking people to get involved in giving and volunteering. We will introduce the idea of Percentage Giving, and to many this will be the first time they hear about this.  These two areas of involvement are critical for our launch in August.

I love you guys so much and still don’t like to think too much about how much I miss you because then I just start crying.

I loved seeing dad on my birthday and the personal video from Clint whose words somehow made me laugh and cry at the same time.  I keep looking at the summer vacation pics of Bently, Silas, and Leighton and how big they are getting.  I am soooo super excited to be an Aunt once again and can’t wait for that little bundle of joy to arrive in January.  I miss my mom more than I even thought was possible.  No one can seem to make me feel rested like her.

Can I also say thank you once again for your financial support.  It is really no small thing for our family.  You guys are carrying us financially.  Really hard to just say thank you for that.

I love you so much,