Double Update!

Posted by: julio on March 10, 2011

My wife wrote the update below to our friends and family last week. We were suppossed to leave to go to Costa Rica last Tuesday March 8th. However, we had to postpone our trip because our two boys Lucas and Liam have been very sick in the last few days. A respiratory virus, a thing (I did not know existed) called Croup and ear infections have kept us going to the hospital multiple times in the last two weeks. So, following the Doctor’s recommendation, we canceled our trip and are still in Atlanta monitoring the health of our boys. They are doing a lot better.

We want to  to keep you updated and we ask that you keep our boys in your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers and support!



To Our Family and Close Friends,

I wanted to give you some more details about the Gonzalez adventure as the pieces are falling into place.  We have come to that deadline, Tuesday March 8th, leaving our country, our family, and friends to step out by faith to launch a church in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Julio and I both had hoped to meet with so many of you personally but having our second baby Liam, and Julio continuing to work full time until next Monday hasn’t allowed it.

I am writing so your heart will be connected to us and that we won’t ever be far from your mind.  More than anything else we need your prayers.  As I write to you I have so many memories of how you have impacted my life.  Some of you go back in my life when I was a little girl, when I surrendered to the Lord for missions.  Several years later, I now stand at the doorway of this next assignment with my husband and two sons. Each assignment has taught me so much.  I have had opportunities to serve and learn all over the world.  I believe that all of those experiences were preparation for this next chapter.  This feels like a much bigger step because we are leaving not on a temporary assignment, we are moving.  Everything we are taking must fit in a 20′ container. We have sold our two cars and know we must leave things behind.

I just don’t know how people do this without the support of their family and friends.  We are getting help logistically, financially, emotionally, spiritually.  What would we do without you?

We are excited but tired, hopeful but scared, joyful for this opportunity yet sad to leave our family and friends and start from scratch.  We need your prayers because we are feeling a bit overwhelmed and know that this is really way over our heads.  We know a church can’t be started by just the two of us and we really need the hand of God and the help of so many others.  In the meantime, we really don’t want to get so busy that we stop focusing on our marriage and raising our two boys.  We are learning that we are really going to have to be diligent to not let this happen.

So many of you asked how we are doing financially?  We have had to trust the Lord and ask family, friends and churches to support us. We have been blessed by the support of many of you, but we do not have all of our financial goals met yet. We believe in our hearts that God has called us and we are going without all of our support.  Its not really in the Nowery/Gonzalez DNA to ask for help, just to prove that we are worthy of what God has called us to do and ask you to believe in us and pray for us. You are never far from our hearts.  Come see us when you can.  Our web site is

We love you,
Julio, Ash, Lucas, and Liam Gonzalez